ΚαλησπέραGood evening

Last week I went to Greece (Kos) for a well-deserved vacay with my bofriend. We had a lot of plans and wanted to do so many things but just ended up relaxing and doing nothing. We wanted to visit islands nearby, rent a quad to discover the island, go to the hot water springs but instead we just relaxed by the pool while sippin’ on a strawberry daiquiri 🙈

We stayed at the Michelangelo Resort and Spa, a really nice hotel in Agios Fokas, not so far from the town of Kos. The staff is super friendly and the food is a-ma-zing! I usually prefer eating outside of the hotel where I’m staying but the food was so amazing here that we ended up eating here a couple of times as well! 

So, I already told you guys that the hotel wasn’t so far from the town of Kos (20 min. by bus). There was a bus every 15 minutes to take you to Kos city so sometimes we took that bus in the evening to go out for dinner. One time we took the bus back to the hotel around 22.30h ( they told us to take line 1 or 5) and while we were sitting on the bus, the driver told us that he wasn’t driving to our hotel but that he was stopping a couple of stops earlier because sometimes they just didn’t go that far ( really nice explanation of the bus driver 😂 ). So he dropped us at a stop in the middle of nowhere… We had to shine with the flashlight of our cellphones to see something and we decided to start walking towards the hotel ( my bf was convinced that the hotel was nearby). After walking for about 15 minutes we still didn’t see anything so I got a bit scared ( def when I saw some panties next to the road ). There were no cars driving around because it’s a super small road so there’s almost no traffic, def not at night! We hoped that we would see the next bus coming but apparently we took the last bus…

After a while we luckily saw a taxi driver who was driving home and he picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel that wasn’t that close as my clever boyfriend thought before 🙈 he laughed at us the whole time and just really made fun of us, two dumb tourist walking around in the middle of nowhere! 😂

But hey, all’s well that ends well! 

Last but not least, here are some pictures of our not so adventurous trip to Kos, Greece! 






I couldn’t resist telling you guys that I’m off to Greece on friday! I’m going to Kos for a well-deserved vacay with my boyfriend! ✈️💙🌍Any tips/suggestions are more than welcome! ☺️ 

I just love Greece so I really can’t wait to be there. Also, I’m really looking forward to the food because greek food is just freaking amazing! 😛 (So I’ll probably spam you guys with food pics next week)

Who’s still going on a vacay? And where are you guys going? 





Last saturday I went to Hasselt for the day with my boyfriend. I – finally – found the perfect pom pom sandals at Piu Piu, a cute little shop in the city center. 

After we went shopping we had a lovely dinner at Buon’eatalia, a new place to be if you like Italian food! We both had prosciutto with garlic bread to start with and afterwards we both ate pizza and had a delicious glass of Prosecco 🍕🍷🍴

As for what I was wearing:

The weather in Belgium is still shitty as hell so I couldn’t wear something summerish. Instead I had to pull out a maxi skirt and a woolen knit 😐

BTW, the sunnies are just for show! 😬🙈  

I’m wearing:

Bimba y lola bag

Bimba y lola sandals

Bershka maxi skirt

Sac d’Anvers knit

Primark sunnies

Costes necklace

Michelle 💋



I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to share my stories with you!

So, I was invited to the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen! the party took place in Saint-Tropez (South of France) and the venue had the most beautiful view ever! 

Everyone had to be dressed in white to give it that extra special vibe! Def got some wedding ideas for myself from it 😏 

More pics of the vacay itself will follow! 🌴🐚


Michelle 💕



Hi guys!

So, last week I opened my mailbox and found a little package. When I opened it I saw that it was another beautiful TRIANGL bikini ( sooooo happy )!

I got the GIGI BLUE MOON bikini and I’m in love with it. 

It comes at the right time since I’m going to Saint-Tropez in about 2 weeks! ( the weather in Belgium still sucks )