Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to Breda (Netherlands) for the day with my bf. We had a great time is this super duper cosy city! It’s only 30 minutes away from Antwerp and it’s really worth paying a visit! 

There are a lot of nice shops and boutiques, a whole bunch of trendy restaurants and lunch bars and you get to see the beautiful Dutch architecture. The city itself isn’t big so after a day you’ve seen it all, but it’s def worth it!

The weather was quite nice as well so we had some drinks outside 🍷🍺

As for what I was wearing:

Zara sweater, scarf and coat

H&M beanie

New look over-the-knee-boots

Bershka jumpsuit

Givenchy bag

Enjoy your weekend,

πŸ’‹ Michelle



Hi there! 

This weekend was all about food, drinks and friends. Saturday I went to Antwerp with my boyfriend to do some shopping. We had lunch at our all-time favourite lunch spot ‘Tartine’ ( Minderbroedersrui, Antwerp). They serve fresh sandwiches and home made lemonade, def worth a visit! 

Freshly baked bread with bolognese sauce, rocket salad and parmesan cheese (bottom). Freshly baked bread with rocket salad, sun dried tomatoes, tartare and balsamic vinegar (top).

Ice maybe baby – home made lemonade with fresh berries
In the evening we had drinks with some friends at Sommar. An outdoor bar with a stunning view. We also shared a pizza with mushrooms and cooked ham and had a glass of rosΓ© (a rosΓ© a day keeps the doctor away, right?) 

On sunday we were invited to a birthday brunch from one of our dear friends. She turned 21 so we had to celebrate with food and drinks! She hired a catering company ( By Balthazaar ) and they did the most amazing job! We had a lot of different choices for our main course and everything was super duper healthy and delicious!  

Smoked duck with raspberries and veggies.

Italian ham (prosciutto) with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil.


Fresh salmon with pomegranate, quinoa and rocket salad. 
And than… Time for our dessert!  
Best Red Velvet Cake Ever! 

So, that was my weekend full of food, drinks and love πŸ’•

On thursday I’m going to Sevilla, Spain. My home away from home! So there will be a post next week with all my favourite places and things you have to see/visit! 

Lots of love,

Michelle πŸ’‹

OUTFITPOST ( sort of )Β 


Tomorrow I’m off to Greece so I wanted to share one last post with you guys before I’ll go off the grid for a week! 

Last weekend I went to Antwerp with my boyfriend to do a little shopping and to have lunch. 

We went to Franks’s Deli and had an amazing lunch. We both had a  Latte macchiato to start our day and than we had a Pork Belly sandwich with guacamole, a perfect combo! 

As for what I was wearing 😏;

Still need a jacket in Belgium, because summer didn’t show up. And yes, I changed my shoes πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

So, I was wearing 

Zara jacket

Stradivarius pants

Zara sandals/ Bershka boots

Cesar Casier tee 

Zara choker

Balenciaga bracelet
See you guys in a week! 


Michelle πŸ’‹

SHAKE YOUR POM POMS πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈΒ 

Last saturday I went to Hasselt for the day with my boyfriend. I – finally – found the perfect pom pom sandals at Piu Piu, a cute little shop in the city center. 

After we went shopping we had a lovely dinner at Buon’eatalia, a new place to be if you like Italian food! We both had prosciutto with garlic bread to start with and afterwards we both ate pizza and had a delicious glass of Prosecco πŸ•πŸ·πŸ΄

As for what I was wearing:

The weather in Belgium is still shitty as hell so I couldn’t wear something summerish. Instead I had to pull out a maxi skirt and a woolen knit 😐

BTW, the sunnies are just for show! πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ  

I’m wearing:

Bimba y lola bag

Bimba y lola sandals

Bershka maxi skirt

Sac d’Anvers knit

Primark sunnies

Costes necklace

Michelle πŸ’‹


This weekend I went to Paris with my boyfriend for his birthday.
We had such an amazing time!
The weather was great, it wasn’t warm but the sun was shining almost all the time!
We didn’t visit a lot since we already did that the first time we went to Paris bit we just enjoyed the city. We got lost in the streets and just stopped a lot to drink something and enjoy the view!
I already wish I could go back…









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