Hi again!

Today I’ll tell you guys what I love to have for lunch. I’m a real foodie so basically you can make me happy with any food but since summer is coming closer, I need to start eating healthy again.

You can always make me happy with some sushi, a fresh pasta ( I just looove penne all’arrabbiata ) or anything with mozzarella and fresh fish.

But if I’m into some healthy food, I just loooove Divers. It’s a perfect lunch spot if you want to have a healthy but yummy lunch. They serve a lot of cold pressed juices, smoothie bowls, fresh avocado toast and so on! 

You can check out their instagram for more pics @divers.antwerpen or just pay them a visit.(Volkstraat 9, Antwerp) 💕

What do you guys love to eat for lunch?

Love, Michelle




Happy monday to all of you guys! This week I found some amazing goodies in my mailbox and I just can’t wait to show you! 

( BTW I’m off to Dublin in two weeks so any tips/suggestions are welcome! 🙈)

Hydropeptide face peel: I just loooove these products! They’re amazing for a sensitive skin and make your skin glow! You can find them at Maison Blanche in Geel, Belgium. The beautiful owner of this place will give you all the information you need.

Plumeria lingerie: I got this set and the same one in white. They’re soooo pretty that I just don’t wanna take them off! 

Fittea: This tea is so delicious that I can’t even describe it! It’s the perfect tea to drink during these cold days! And it makes you feel so fit! 

ALSO: Don’t forget to use promo code Michelle15 to get 15% off on all products!!!

I  also got these Kiehl’s products! I’ve always been a fan of the label because they have great products for a sensitive skin and since I have eczema, I def need products like these. 

The night reparing oils are great as well, they keep my skin extra hydrated during the night! 

I haven’t tried the masque yet but when I do, I’ll make sure to give you guys some feedback! 

Love, Michelle 💋


Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to Breda (Netherlands) for the day with my bf. We had a great time is this super duper cosy city! It’s only 30 minutes away from Antwerp and it’s really worth paying a visit! 

There are a lot of nice shops and boutiques, a whole bunch of trendy restaurants and lunch bars and you get to see the beautiful Dutch architecture. The city itself isn’t big so after a day you’ve seen it all, but it’s def worth it!

The weather was quite nice as well so we had some drinks outside 🍷🍺

As for what I was wearing:

Zara sweater, scarf and coat

H&M beanie

New look over-the-knee-boots

Bershka jumpsuit

Givenchy bag

Enjoy your weekend,

💋 Michelle

SEVILLA, la maravilla

¡Buenos días! 

Last week I came back from my girlstrip to Sevilla, the most beautiful city on earth! I lived there for about 7 months ( Erasmus ) and had the most amazing time! I try to meet up with the girls I met there every year ( it’s been 3 years now since I left for Erasmus ) and so far, we managed to see each other every single year! 💪💕 

I could write 1001 pages about Sevilla because it’s truly the most amazing city in the world! It has everything you could possibly wish for ( except for a beach and the ocean 🙈, but hey, the nearest beach is only a 50-minutes drive away). Beautiful architecture, great food and drinks ( and reaaaaally cheap! ), the sweetest people, and so on. 


– A must see is the Plaza de España, if you have the chance, visit it once during the day and once during the evening!  

– The Alcázar of Seville (Real Alcázar) is a royal palace in Seville, Spain, originally developed by Moorish Muslim kings. It´s garden is truly beautiful and def worth paying a visit! ( also note that some of the scenes in Game of Thrones were shot here! ) 

– La Catedral de Sevilla, it’s the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world and also the 3rd biggest one in terms of size, after Saint Peter (the Vatican) and Saint Paul (London, UK). If you want to have an amazing view, you should go on top of the Giralda tower.   

But above all, just enjoy and wander around the small streets of the Santa Cruz quarter ( Barrio de Santa Cruz), or talk a walk next to the Guadalquivir river to cool down ( it get’s pretty hot over there ). Try their local beer, Cruzcampo or a Tinto de verano ( which means ‘summerish red wine’ and is soooo delicious) and def eat A LOT, it’s worth it, trust me 🙈


 But be aware, once you go there, you won’t want to leave!

‘ Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla. ‘ 

Un beso,

Michelle 💋


Hi there! 

This weekend was all about food, drinks and friends. Saturday I went to Antwerp with my boyfriend to do some shopping. We had lunch at our all-time favourite lunch spot ‘Tartine’ ( Minderbroedersrui, Antwerp). They serve fresh sandwiches and home made lemonade, def worth a visit! 

Freshly baked bread with bolognese sauce, rocket salad and parmesan cheese (bottom). Freshly baked bread with rocket salad, sun dried tomatoes, tartare and balsamic vinegar (top).

Ice maybe baby – home made lemonade with fresh berries
In the evening we had drinks with some friends at Sommar. An outdoor bar with a stunning view. We also shared a pizza with mushrooms and cooked ham and had a glass of rosé (a rosé a day keeps the doctor away, right?) 

On sunday we were invited to a birthday brunch from one of our dear friends. She turned 21 so we had to celebrate with food and drinks! She hired a catering company ( By Balthazaar ) and they did the most amazing job! We had a lot of different choices for our main course and everything was super duper healthy and delicious!  

Smoked duck with raspberries and veggies.

Italian ham (prosciutto) with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil.


Fresh salmon with pomegranate, quinoa and rocket salad. 
And than… Time for our dessert!  
Best Red Velvet Cake Ever! 

So, that was my weekend full of food, drinks and love 💕

On thursday I’m going to Sevilla, Spain. My home away from home! So there will be a post next week with all my favourite places and things you have to see/visit! 

Lots of love,

Michelle 💋


ΚαλησπέραGood evening

Last week I went to Greece (Kos) for a well-deserved vacay with my bofriend. We had a lot of plans and wanted to do so many things but just ended up relaxing and doing nothing. We wanted to visit islands nearby, rent a quad to discover the island, go to the hot water springs but instead we just relaxed by the pool while sippin’ on a strawberry daiquiri 🙈

We stayed at the Michelangelo Resort and Spa, a really nice hotel in Agios Fokas, not so far from the town of Kos. The staff is super friendly and the food is a-ma-zing! I usually prefer eating outside of the hotel where I’m staying but the food was so amazing here that we ended up eating here a couple of times as well! 

So, I already told you guys that the hotel wasn’t so far from the town of Kos (20 min. by bus). There was a bus every 15 minutes to take you to Kos city so sometimes we took that bus in the evening to go out for dinner. One time we took the bus back to the hotel around 22.30h ( they told us to take line 1 or 5) and while we were sitting on the bus, the driver told us that he wasn’t driving to our hotel but that he was stopping a couple of stops earlier because sometimes they just didn’t go that far ( really nice explanation of the bus driver 😂 ). So he dropped us at a stop in the middle of nowhere… We had to shine with the flashlight of our cellphones to see something and we decided to start walking towards the hotel ( my bf was convinced that the hotel was nearby). After walking for about 15 minutes we still didn’t see anything so I got a bit scared ( def when I saw some panties next to the road ). There were no cars driving around because it’s a super small road so there’s almost no traffic, def not at night! We hoped that we would see the next bus coming but apparently we took the last bus…

After a while we luckily saw a taxi driver who was driving home and he picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel that wasn’t that close as my clever boyfriend thought before 🙈 he laughed at us the whole time and just really made fun of us, two dumb tourist walking around in the middle of nowhere! 😂

But hey, all’s well that ends well! 

Last but not least, here are some pictures of our not so adventurous trip to Kos, Greece! 



OUTFITPOST ( sort of ) 


Tomorrow I’m off to Greece so I wanted to share one last post with you guys before I’ll go off the grid for a week! 

Last weekend I went to Antwerp with my boyfriend to do a little shopping and to have lunch. 

We went to Franks’s Deli and had an amazing lunch. We both had a  Latte macchiato to start our day and than we had a Pork Belly sandwich with guacamole, a perfect combo! 

As for what I was wearing 😏;

Still need a jacket in Belgium, because summer didn’t show up. And yes, I changed my shoes 😏🙈

So, I was wearing 

Zara jacket

Stradivarius pants

Zara sandals/ Bershka boots

Cesar Casier tee 

Zara choker

Balenciaga bracelet
See you guys in a week! 


Michelle 💋