SEVILLA, la maravilla

¡Buenos días! 

Last week I came back from my girlstrip to Sevilla, the most beautiful city on earth! I lived there for about 7 months ( Erasmus ) and had the most amazing time! I try to meet up with the girls I met there every year ( it’s been 3 years now since I left for Erasmus ) and so far, we managed to see each other every single year! 💪💕 

I could write 1001 pages about Sevilla because it’s truly the most amazing city in the world! It has everything you could possibly wish for ( except for a beach and the ocean 🙈, but hey, the nearest beach is only a 50-minutes drive away). Beautiful architecture, great food and drinks ( and reaaaaally cheap! ), the sweetest people, and so on. 


– A must see is the Plaza de España, if you have the chance, visit it once during the day and once during the evening!  

– The Alcázar of Seville (Real Alcázar) is a royal palace in Seville, Spain, originally developed by Moorish Muslim kings. It´s garden is truly beautiful and def worth paying a visit! ( also note that some of the scenes in Game of Thrones were shot here! ) 

– La Catedral de Sevilla, it’s the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world and also the 3rd biggest one in terms of size, after Saint Peter (the Vatican) and Saint Paul (London, UK). If you want to have an amazing view, you should go on top of the Giralda tower.   

But above all, just enjoy and wander around the small streets of the Santa Cruz quarter ( Barrio de Santa Cruz), or talk a walk next to the Guadalquivir river to cool down ( it get’s pretty hot over there ). Try their local beer, Cruzcampo or a Tinto de verano ( which means ‘summerish red wine’ and is soooo delicious) and def eat A LOT, it’s worth it, trust me 🙈


 But be aware, once you go there, you won’t want to leave!

‘ Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla. ‘ 

Un beso,

Michelle 💋


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