Healthy monday – Lunch

Hi folks,

It’s monday again, so that means healthy food inspiration! 
Today I’m gonna give you some healthy lunch ideas, hope you like them! 
What’s your favorite lunch-meal? Mine is definitely Sushi, but then again, I could eat that anytime anywhere, I’m a real sushi-addict! 

Enjoy and have a healthy monday! 


Credit : @healthyfoodpoorn – Skinny avocado pizza


Credit: @nutrition_planet – Toast with grilled Haloumi, pesto, rocket leaves, tomato, cucumber and black pepper


Credit: @cleanfooddirtycity – Zucchini noodles with spring pea pesto, roasted tomatoes and basil.


Credit: @michellegeypen – Sushi (tuna maki, salmon kamikaze and avocado temaki)


Credit: @michellegeypen – Greek salad (Feta, salad, cherry tomatoes, green olives, olive oil, pepper and salt)


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