Bikini Vibes

Good morning!

I’m going to Italy next week so I already started thinking about which bikinis I’m going to pack.
Since the weather in Belgium isn’t good today, I’m already dreaming about italian beaches and italian food! 
I’ve been searching for some new bikinis to make my vacation complete, and these ones are my favorites at the moment. 

Enjoy and if you still need a bikini, you might check these ones out!

PS (for my tumblr followers)
I featured the purple bikini from Agua Bendita in the post because a lot of you guys ask me where it’s from 😉 


Credit: @talisalo & @celineschh Bikinis from @gemelliswimwear


Credit: @martalozanop Bikini from @Oysho


Bikini from Agua Bendita swimwear


Credit: @jeskaalee Bikini from Triangl swimwear


Swimwear from Victoria’s secret swimwear 2014



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